About Pars Hotel

Isfahan Pars Hotel, as a budget hotel in the center of Isfahan, started its work in 1950. They have renovated it recently. This 2-star hotel has a view of the boulevard.

Isfahan Pars Hotel is very close (within walking distance) to the most important historical and religious sites and shopping centers. This hotel is near to city center, Chahar Bagh e Abbasi St, Si-o-Seh Pol Bridge, Abbasi Great Mosque, and Naghsh-e Jahan Square. Hash Behesht Garden is 500 meters away and in less than 10 minutes you can reach there. Chehel Sotoon Palace is also 1.3 kilometers away, so in a quarter you will reach there. Other places like Ali Qapu, Mashrouteh House Of Isfahan, Abbasi Great Mosque, and Ali Qapu are also close too. Major sites and places to eat in are close around.

Pars Hotel Facilities

It has a lobby with a capacity of 10 people. Isfahan Pars Hotel offers a private car park, 24-hour room service, breakfast room tables, alarm systems, laundry, fax, and fire extinguisher. It has a coffee shop in which you can enjoy beverages and cakes. Each room provides a fridge, flat screen TV, air condition, WiFi, and a phone. Breakfast is also free.
Notably, it is a kid-friendly hotel. Children under three are free of charge. Moreover, in case of not asking for extra service for kids three to five, they are also free of charge. Note that extra bed is also available. For an extra 14 euros, you can ask for an extra bed. For extra bed, they provide a convertible sofa for you.

سرویس اینترنت




سیستم اطفا حریق

Fire extinguishing system

سالن صبحانه

Breakfast room tables




Safe deposit box

سرویس اینترنت




  • Distance from Terminal: 5Km
  • Distance from Airport: 20Km
  • Distance from railway: 6Km
  • Distance from Si-O-Se Pol Bridge: 5min walk
  • Distance from other historical centers: 15 min walk